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Addi Turbo Circular 60"

$18.00 USD

Addi Turbos are a marriage of brilliant engineering with every knitter’s dream. Addi’s breakthrough design features a hollow brass core that offers strength and very light weight; the nickel plating provides the smoothest ride possible for your stitches; and Addi’s cable is the one that raised the bar for everyone – – here at last is a cable that is flexible, strong and never coiled or kinked. No wonder we all love Addi’s so much.

Please note that sizes US 0 and smaller have a gold cord while all other sizes have a blue cord.  

Per industry standard, all circular knitting needles are measured from tip to tip. For example, a 32″ circular needle is 32 inches from one needle tip to the other. 

Actual needle lengths:

8" circulars: 1.75 in/4.5 cm

12" circulars: 2.75 in/7 cm

16" and 20" circulars: 3.5 in/8.8 cm

24" and above: 5 in/12.8 cm