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Woolbuddy Felting Mats

$18.00 USD

Needle Felting Mat is one of the creations of Woolbuddy specially designed to give you the best needle felting experience ever. It is 100% woolen and completely handmade. The ultimate best-friend for your needle felting projects.

- Woolbuddy’s Needle Felting mat comes in two different sizes- Large (10X10X1.3 inches) and Small (5X5X1.3 inches)

- The depth and texture of our mat are very thick and dense. Hence, won’t let your needle poke the surface giving you a great sense of satisfaction.

Woolbuddy’s Needle felting Mats are well built and are very strong. It is the definition of sturdy yet delicate as it is strong and at the same time your needle can go in swiftly and come out with the same ease, making your needle felting projects effortless. It doesn’t wear out easily, you will be using them for the longest period of time. Moreover, it is 100% wool and eco-friendly hence, reusable.