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Stanwood Yarn Ball Winder

$95.00 USD

The quality of this machine is amazing!! 

(1) REINFORCED NYLON GEAR, the specific gears are designed to be both durable and flexible. Tough enough to handle high-speed winding, soft enough to ensure the gear noise is at an absolute minimum.

(2) TOOL-LESS SETUP, trying to find a wrench to set up to wind is annoying, so it is designed to be set up without any hassle, so you can wind faster.

(3) ULTRA HEAVY DUTY, this yarn winder is constructed from 3-millimeter-thick steel with rust-resistant powder coating to ensure it will stay in place so you can organize your yarns quickly and safely.

(4) 10 OUNCE CAPACITY, this winder can handle more than 2 times the yarn a conventional winder can handle, which can reduce your workload by half.

(5) CENTER-PULL YARN BALL, this yarn winder creates yarn balls with the string that can be pull from the center, making your knitting sessions convenient and neat

It can handle about 10 oz. of yarn, which is 2.5  times of what most smaller winders do. The winder can be clamped onto a table up to 2 1/8" thick.