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February 1st
Beyond the Basics 2.0 - February
February 7th
Hit the Charts! - Creedence Shawl Class
February 18th
Thrummed Mittens Class

Stephen & Steven MixTape Tour

January 5th, 2015

Stephen & Steven are back at it in 2015, ready to be your knitting soundtrack and teach you to be a rock star in your own right.  These patterns, some golden oldies and some new releases, feature combinations of fibers that create new and unique styles and textures.

Nerd Alert! - Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey in Galaxy Sock

Traverse time and space with these Doctor Who inspired exclusives.

SimpliElegant Kit

Steven took on the Skacel challenge to create a new "knit it over the weekend" project from two of their newest yarns.


Get in on the ACTION!

The StevenBe series is becoming a "reality". Will you just watch or will you join the fun? 


Board a cruise to escape boring with StevenBe...


Steven hosts an escape from Boston to Bermuda in May 2015.