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Visible Mending with Eleanor (8/10/24)

$55.00 USD

The class is at StevenBe Studio on Saturday 8/10/24 from Noon to 2:30

Rips, holes, and imperfections in clothing are bound to happen. Instead of attempting to make a repair as invisible as possible, visible mending allows us to embrace the inevitable wear that occurs on clothing and make the mending something to notice and appreciate instead of hide. You may find you love the look of visible mending so much that you want to use it to embellish clothing not even in need of repair!

In this class, Eleanor will be teaching mending/embellishment on the mini darning/weaving loom - which can be used on any kind of garment!

Difficulty: Ambitious beginner  

Class includes:

  • Darning Loom
  • Mini skein
  • Darning needle

Supplies to bring from home: 

  1. Knit clothing items to mend/embellish. 
  2. Stash yarn for darning/embellishing (optional)
  3. Embroidery floss for embellishing (optional)