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*Preorder* Katrinkles Halloweenvent Countdown Calendar

$95.00 USD

While everyone else is out playing in the sun, we've been toiling in the shadows, designing something monstrous...Monstrously awesome, that is! 

**Will ship beginning of September**


Exactly what awaits inside the calendar is intended to be a surprise for you, but it contains:

  • 26 stitch markers in a mix of wood and acrylic
  • 2 faux suede tags
  • 5 mixed tools and trinkets

All items have been designed especially for this calendar and are not available for sale separately. 

Each item is sealed in a black envelope with a number sticker indicating the day it is to be opened, and the envelopes are held inside a pumpkin-colored bag held with a Halloween themed sticker of our own design.

This is a great opportunity for to get a variety of unique products in one special collection, with the additional fun experience of discovering a new "treat" each day as you countdown to Halloween.