Dotted Rays Mega Braids

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This arched shawl begins at the center with only three stitches while yarn over increases quickly expand the shape. Garter stitch short rows add length to one side forming rays that gradually increase in size. I-cord edges and an I-cord bind off outline the entire shape while you knit for a seamless finish. Choose a mega braid for your own colorful stripes!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lil, 05/21/2016

These braids make a stunningly beautiful, eyecatching shawl. Dotted Rays is an extremely easy pattern to follow and once you get the hang of it you'll actually never need to refer to the pattern again.
One comment. A single braid is more than adequate to make a large shawl if you simply rotate all four colors.
However if you make it as shown above (with the multicolored yarn being every other stripe and one color only being the 'pencil stripe') you'll only have enough to do the small version (12 stripes) to make the larger version (16 stripes) you'll need two braids, which will give you plenty of the solid colors left over for hats, gloves etc. IMO the second braid is well worth the price since this piece is such as 'statement' and is much more dramatic the bigger it is.